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Northeast Pump and Instrument (NPI) specializes in the design, sale, installation and repair of chemical feed equipment, systems and instrumentation for water and wastewater treatment. Our involvement in the industry spans more than 30 years and our technical staff boasts over 100 years of combined industry experience.


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Standard Pump

Standard Pump, Inc. offers a full line of chemically resistant, seal-less drums and container pumps. Electric and air operated motors. PP, PVDF, and SS-316 construction pump tubes for pumping corrosive and flammable materials. For more information please visit the sub-sections of this site, or Contact NPI.

Pump Motors
pump motors

Standard Pump has two motor types available, Electric & Pneumatic. The electric motors are commonly used in most applications and are available in 115 & 220 volts. The Pneumatic motors are needed when hazardous conditions exist or when transferring flammable or combustible liquids.

Pump Tubes
dc4000 series conductivity controller

Standard Pump Seal-Less Pump Tubes are available in a variety of lengths and materials. Choosing from Polypropylene, PVDF, or Stainless Steel you can be sure of getting a pump tube that is suited for your application.



flouride saturators

Barrel Adaptors
For all pump models to hold pump in vertical position and avoid exposure of motors to corrosive fumes. Available in PVC for plastic pumps and SS models.

Model 9001 (PVC)
Model 9002 (SS)

flouride saturators

Wall Bracket
Vinyl coated and 16 ga. steel, our wall bracket is recommended for pump storage. Proper storage will increase the life expectancy of your pump and motor.

Model 9006

safety clamp

Safety Clamp
To securely hold discharge hose to tank flange or drum when filling. Prevents spoillage and siphoning. Entire assembly is 316SS with hose clamp welded to hand clamp. Ends of clamp have a lip for gripping drum flange. Hose size 1" to 1-1/2" -- 22 lbs. required to open clamp -- 7" long.

Model 9005

bonding grounding set

Bonding, Grounding Set
An absolute necessity when pumping flammables. Each set includes 2 - 6 ft. and 1- 10 ft. 16 ga. wires with heavy duty battery clamps on each end. For use on SS pump only.

Model 9003


The 1/3 turn PP nozzle with TFE seats provides controlled dispensing without splashing for safe chemical transfer. Ideal for dispensing into small containers. Full one inch flow tru for maximum flow. Smooth union ball allows total shut off or minimum flow as needed. Body PP -- Seats PTFE -- )-ring Viton. Includes 3/4" and 1" hose barbs and SS hose clamp.

Model 9010

flow meter

Flowmeter -- SS or PVDF
Battery powered electronic digital flowmeters combine micro processing technology with rugged and accurate turbine flow sensor design. Power is supplied by 2 AAA batteries (included) averaging 2,000 hours of intermediate use. LCD display automatically turns on when flow appears and turns off four minutes after flow ceases. 1" NPT female connections. Pressure drop 2 psig @ 30 GPM.

  • Measures flow rate and total flow separately.

  • 316SS body, ferrite, ceramic, and SS retaining ring.

  • PVDF body, ferrite, ceramic, and SS retaining ring.

  • Factory calibrated ± 1.5% accuracy. ± .05% repeatability. 3 to 50 GPM -- 10 to 190 LPM

  • Dimensions 4" x 2.5" (10.2 cm x 6.4 cm x 5.1 cm).

Model 9008 (SS)
Model 900 (PVDF)


Recommended when pumping dirty or contaminated chemicals where abrasive particles are present. Constructed of PP or SS

Model 9011
Model 9012

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