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Northeast Pump and Instrument (NPI) specializes in the design, sale, installation and repair of chemical feed equipment, systems and instrumentation for water and wastewater treatment. Our involvement in the industry spans more than 30 years and our technical staff boasts over 100 years of combined industry experience.


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Powdered Chemical Blending Equipment

flouride saturators

NPI has diversified into powdered chemical blending equipment, of our own design, for Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) feed applications. Our first efforts have produced equipment for use in odor control applications for wastewater treatment plants. This equipment can also be used in recharging green sand filters in drinking water plants. NPI's equipment provides semi-automatic solution generation with no dust generation and no back strain all at a very reasonable cost relative to competing technologies!




General Overview

The present design has the capability to blend up to 1320 lbs. of KMnO4 per hour with water.

This skid-mounted system is relatively compact and takes in KMnO4 powder, blends it with water and then transfers it into a solution tank with an agitator. Pumps installed on the skid then draw the solution out of the tank and deliver it to multiple points of use. The user can control and display the feed rate and total flow to each point-of-use individually both locally and remotely. The remote indication is by 4-20mA signal. Solution tank level control is by ultrasonic technology interfaced with the main control panel. This is also available for remote display.

All this is all accomplished on a skid system carrying all equipment that measures 4 feet square and 6 feet tall and weighs only about 300 pounds. This design includes a containment base for all skid equipment that is designed for easy movement using a pallet jack, dolly or small fork lift truck. The construction of this system is made up all corrosion resistant materials including both thermoplastic and stainless steel components and includes components from many of the premium product lines that NPI handles. All electrical controls are housed in a NEMA 4 housing with PVC electrical conduits for carrying all power to system components.


This system is semi-automatic with the operator turning on the Blending Subsystem and then using a hand-held wand to vacuum up the powdered chemical and merge with the incoming water stream. An entire batch is generated each time the blending operation is run and the system automatically shuts off when the tank is filled. A high level light and level display showing percent of total is provided to readily gauge solution level after the polyethylene tank is no longer translucent due to the staining of the solution.

After the solution is prepared, the operator can adjust the delivery rate up to about 3 GPM for each point of use. The application and necessary delivery rate will affect the choice of pumps and other components, which will be selected during the sizing process. Delivery of the solution and tank mixing is terminated in the event of a low solution level in the tank to ensure long term durability of the equipment.

NPI's new Potassium Permanganate Feed System may be just the thing to improve the precision of your KMnO4 solution preparation while virtually eliminating back-strain and air-born chemical dust hazards in you facility! Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

(800) 378-1500
285 Portsmouth Ave.
Stratham, NH 03885