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Northeast Pump and Instrument (NPI) specializes in the design, sale, installation and repair of chemical feed equipment, systems and instrumentation for water and wastewater treatment. Our involvement in the industry spans more than 30 years and our technical staff boasts over 100 years of combined industry experience.


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Master Meter Products - Multi Jet Water Meters

Master Meter's Multi-Jet Water Meter is the meter of choice for utilities and industries demanding a meter that maximizes and sustains measurement accuracy. The meter is recognized for long service life and relatively maintenance-free operation, even under adverse conditions. A measuring unit virtually impervious to wear, a magnetic drive permanently sealed register that won't leak or fog, adaptability to automated reading, and guaranteed performance position Master Meter's Multi-jet as an ideal meter for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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multi jet water meters

  • Sustained Accuracy
    The multi-jet meter is a velocity-type meter, designed to retain accuracy over a long service life.
  • Durability
    Bronze case Master Meter Multi-jets have an established reputation for dependable performance, even in harsh service conditions: in well-water systems, in sandy or coastal areas, or in systems having service lines normally free of debris, but plagued by occasional line breaks or installation damage.
  • Tolerance For Temperature Variations
    The accuracy of Master Meter Multi-jet Meters is unaffected by water temperature variations, with a high tolerance for accidental exposure to elevated water temperatures.
  • Exceed AWWA Specifications
    All Master Meter Multi-jet Meters operate above 97% accuracy at low flows and between 98.5% and 101.5% through the normal operating range.

Measure hot water (up to 194º F) with the same high accuracy and durability available in the Master Meter Multi-jet Meter for cold water services. The velocity chamber, unaffected by service temperature, assures accuracy over a guaranteed service life.

5/8", 3/4", and 1" MULTI-JET METERS
High quality, bronze case meters for sustained accuracy in residential and low flow industrial services. Externally threaded ends and main case wrench pads simplify installation. Frost protection is available.

Select long-life and accurate measurement for service lines that deliver high pressure to the end user. A rugged pressure plate separates the meter's register and measuring chamber for sealing under high pressure (up to 600 psi.) High pressure flanged ends provided on 1-1/2" and 2" sizes.

1-1/2" and 2" MULTI-JET METERS
The broad flow ranges of the velocity design allow installation where low flows are below a turbine meter's capabilities. Meters are available with either threaded or flanged ends.

(800) 378-1500
285 Portsmouth Ave.
Stratham, NH 03885